About the initiative


The Directory was established to bring together leading professionals and specialist organisations working in the counter human trafficking and modern slavery sector.

The Directory provides access to specialists from around the globe, from all different professions and disciplines, that work in this sector. We currently list the following categories on our Directory: law firms and chambers, lawyers, trafficking and country experts, medical experts, counsellors and therapists, specialist organisations and researchers.

Our purpose is to unite specialists and facilitate in developing knowledge and understanding surrounding the complexities of modern slavery, as well as to assist in connecting those it affects with the professional support they require. The Directory is open for anyone to access, search and view. We provide an enquiry service for those individuals who do not know what sort of specialist they require.

Our directory is a fast, effective and accessible search engine. Whether you are a professional, NGO, charity, business, lawyer, medical practitioner or a victim, we pride ourselves on assisting and connecting individuals in this sector. The Directory is free to join, we encourage members to keep their profiles up to date with any developments in their practice, work and specialist areas.

We connect professionals and stake holders working in the counter human trafficking and modern slavery sector. We list a large cross section of professionals and organisations, all of whom have different specialisms and varying qualifications, if you are looking to work with, or instruct a particular specialist or professional, you should ensure they are suitability qualified for the individual project, case or instruction.

Advisory Board