Restavek Freedom

Address: 11160 Kenwood Rd, Suite 200, 45242, United States
Tel: 5134753710
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Specialist areas of work and services:
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis Services
  • Psychological Support
  • Victim Outreach
  • Rehabilitation
  • Shelter & accommodation
  • Training
  • Campaigns & Awareness
  • Other

Restavek Freedom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime.

Experience, Background and Services:
Founded in 2007, Restavek Freedom’s (RF) mission is to bring an end to child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime. RF recently participated in a comprehensive study of the issue of child domestic workers in Haiti led by UNICEF, and this study estimated that 286,000 children from ages 5 to 14 are child domestic workers, many of whom are in the vulnerable and abusive situation of child slavery called restavek. Children in restavek are particularly susceptible to violence as well as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, and they are often denied education, which has the highest impact on a child’s description of their well-being. Girls are particularly vulnerable in terms of higher workloads and restricted access to education.

Restavek Freedom holistically addresses the issue of child slavery in Haiti by following our FREE methodology:
Fighting for children in restavek by advocating for them and rescuing them when possible;
Raising awareness and changing hearts and minds, challenging the cultural acceptance of restavek;
Engaging the host families of child domestic workers to protect children from abuse; and
Educating families who have or are at risk of having sent children into restavek, helping to reunify and prevent abuse.