Restavek Freedom

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Specialist areas of work and services:
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis Services
  • Psychological Support
  • Victim Outreach
  • Rehabilitation
  • Shelter & accommodation
  • Survivor Leadership
  • Training
  • Campaigns & Awareness
  • Other

Restavek Freedom is dedicated to ending child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime.

Experience, Background and Services:
Restavek Freedom has seen amazing momentum build around ending child slavery in Haiti in our lifetime.:
- 2,000+ Children experienced freedom from isolation, illiteracy and exploitation.
- 3,000+ Educated, empowered or trained through our South Learning Center.
- 80,000+ Church and community leaders trained through our Justice Curriculum.
- 150,000+ Engaged by our national music competition Songs for Freedom.
- 2,000,000+ Reached through our popular radio drama Zoukoutap.

10 years ago, almost nobody would talk about this issue or agree to speak up for abolishing restavek.

- We have seen massive movements across Haiti, with 15,000 people at our Songs for Freedom finale.
- Government leaders have invited us to Parliament to work with them.
- Thousands of churches are leading the way as pastors agree to speak up against this issue.
- Students at universities and schools are starting movements or writing their thesis on restavek.
- Musicians and influencers are taking up the cause of ending restavek, including spokesman Freedom.
- Communities are standing up and speaking out against restavek through Child Protection Committees.

At the heart of all our programs are the children.

Our Child Advocates find children like Lovely, make sure their host family is treating them well, and visit their school to ensure the children are thriving. We fund their education, and Child Advocates meet with the children to show them they are loved.

In the worst instances of abuse, we remove girls from their situation and care for them in our transitional housing. We provide housing for up to 24 children in one of two homes where we offer shelter, education, and trauma-competent caregivers to help them heal in a loving, family atmosphere.

We are equipping The Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM) – Haiti’s child protection police – with a Child Protection database to transform how they do business and investigate anti-trafficking cases.

Reach sending and host families to a ect all sides of restavek.

We are engaging host families and those involved in the restavek system through our justice curriculum, a 12-week course that weaves together the Biblical mandate for love and justice as well as relevant Haitian child labor and anti-trafficking laws. This training is educating thousands of church and community leaders across all of Haiti. We also create Justice Sunday events and Child Protection Committees in churches across Haiti to ensure children are “pwoteje” - protected.

In order to establish a grassroots, relational network that reaches the entire country, we are working towards strengthening families from sending communities through regional activity and education hubs. Our Learning Center and regional trainings help families understand the realities of restavek and provide parents with education.

When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, 80% of all homes, churches and schools in Port Salut were demolished, the majority of sources for food were destroyed, and many children became significantly more vulnerable to being trafficked into restavek. We are uniquely positioned to support and protect children and families, and help in the rebuilding process to further establish a grassroots movement to end restavek.

By engaging hearts and minds, Haitians are empowered to strive for change on a national scale.

Restavek Freedom hosts entertaining national awareness campaigns such as the national Songs for Freedom music competition where contestants write and perform original songs about freedom. National Public Radio heralded this competition as “Haiti Idol.”

Recognizing the power of delivering education through entertainment, Restavek Freedom developed an immensely popular radio serial drama – Zoukoutap – using the Sabido methodology for social change. 2 million Haitians are tuning in to listen each week, transforming attitudes on “restavek, violence, family planning, and child protection.