Slave-Free Alliance

Address: P.O. Box 5527, Manchester, M61 0QU, United Kingdom
Tel: 0300 008 0044
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Specialist areas of work and services:
  • Victim Outreach
  • Supply chains
  • Training
  • Campaigns & Awareness

Slave-Free Alliance offers expert support in mitigating the risk of modern slavery in business and supply chains. Also remedy for victims.

Experience, Background and Services:
Slave-Free Alliance offers hands on expertise drawn from active involvement in investigating modern slavery incidents in the UK and overseas. This has included multiple levels of supply chain including labour providers and both direct and indirect sourcing.
Our team brings in depth understanding of business operations with complex supply chains together with many years of investigative and enforcement experience working in partnership with police and the National Crime Agency. Qualifications include SA8000 lead social auditor supported by experience in manufacturing, import and retail CSR operations.
This combination of skills enables us to probe business operations and provide insights into the potential vulnerability of business to modern slavery and how criminals can seek to infiltrate the supply chain. Should you identify victims in your supply chain we can guide and support your remediation activities and relationships with customers and suppliers as well as offering victim-centred support through the justice system and reintegration.
As well as detailed analysis of policies and systems, Slave-Free Alliance offers training; both general and customised, site inspections and support in creating and implementing practical actions to increase business resilience in this field. Tool-kits are available as well as other awareness materials, but most important is the relationship that enables personal support for your business in addressing the challenges of modern slavery whatever stage of the journey you may be at. Our aim is to partner with business and strengthen the capability to act with confidence on realistic strategies and targets to reduce the risk of modern slavery, enabling annual reporting to be a reflection on measurable progress as well as being compliant with section 54 of the 2015 Modern Slavery Act.
Whatever your challenge around modern slavery in your business, we can help.