Address: Thomas Clarkson House, Bromgrove Road, SW99TL, United Kingdom
Tel: +75 (0) 2076072136
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Specialist areas of work and services:
  • Advocacy
  • Training
  • Campaigns & Awareness
  • Other

ECPAT UK is a leading children's rights organisation working to protect children from child trafficking and transnational child exploitation.

Experience, Background and Services:
Policy, advocacy and campaigns
We lobby governments to:
- improve legislation, policy and practice to protect children
- prevent child trafficking
- implement tougher action against those who abuse children.

Youth work
We directly support children who have been trafficked and provide expertise in children's cases.

We deliver rights-based, practical training to professionals working with children.

We publish cutting-edge research on child trafficking and exploitation, informed by our direct work with trafficked children and the professionals who support them.

Policy development and legal reform
We work with children's rights organisations, anti-trafficking NGOs, child protection agencies, communities and governments to identify strategies to combat child trafficking and the exploitation of children in tourism.