The Human Trafficking Legal Center

Address: 1030 15th Street NW - 104B, Washington, D.C., 20005, USA
Tel: 12028495708
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Specialist areas of work and services:
  • Advocacy
  • Survivor Leadership
  • Training
  • Other

The Human Trafficking Legal Center empowers courageous women, men, and children survivors of labor and sex trafficking to seek justice.

Experience, Background and Services:
The Human Trafficking Legal Center (HTLC) is a U.S.-based non-profit that trains pro bono attorneys to represent trafficking survivors in civil, criminal, and immigration cases in the United States. We create a bridge between trafficking survivors and highly-skilled pro bono legal representation. By linking trafficking victims with pro bono attorneys, the Human Trafficking Legal Center works to obtain criminal convictions, criminal restitution, and civil judgments against traffickers. With pro bono legal assistance, trafficking survivors can rebuild their lives.

The Human Trafficking Legal Center provides the following services:

Training of Pro Bono Attorneys:
-Since its founding in 2012 the Human Trafficking Legal Center has trained more than 3,400 pro bono attorneys at law firms and non-governmental organizations across the U.S. to represent trafficking victims
-Through live training sessions, webinars, and national conference, we provide training free of charge on criminal restitution for trafficking victims, civil litigation on behalf of victims, and immigration relief for victims

Referrals of Trafficking Cases to Pro Bono Counsel:
-To date, the Human Trafficking Legal Center has placed 280+ cases for pro bono representation
-These referrals leverage millions of dollars in free legal services for trafficking victims

Technical Assistance to Pro Bono Attorneys:
-The Human Trafficking Legal Center provides ongoing, extensive technical assistance to attorneys handling trafficking cases pro bono
-HTLC maintains a comprehensive database on all federal civil trafficking cases, which is made available to pro bono counsel

Research and Public Outreach:
-The Human Trafficking Legal Center conducts cutting-edge research on trends in human trafficking. Our publications cover the intersection of human trafficking and domestic violence, for-profit detention facilities, persons with disabilities, and health care providers
-Since 2012, the Human Trafficking Legal Center has educated over 25,000 community leaders on survivors' legal rights
-HTLC staff attorneys engage in extensive public education, including presentations at universities, law schools, national conferences, and community organizations nationwide

-The Human Trafficking Legal Center conducts extensive advocacy with the public and government agencies on human trafficking policy issues
-HTLC's advocacy in 2017-2018 has focused on increasing restitution and compensation for trafficking victims, pressing for remedies for domestic workers trafficked by diplomats, and expanding our work on international strategic litigation