Dr Shahrzad Fouladvand

Address: Freeman building, BN1 9QE, UK
Email: s.fouladvand@sussex.ac.uk
twitter @shahrzadf1001
Specialist areas of work and services:
  • Forced Criminality
  • Forced Labour
  • Prostitution & Sex Slavery
  • Sex Trafficking

Lecturer in international criminal Law at the Sussex Law School, University of Sussex

Experience, Background and Services:
Dr Shahrzad Fouladvand’s main research interests are in the areas of Transnational Criminal Law (TCL) and international criminal justice systems, particularly, International Criminal Court (ICC). Her research focuses on two forms of organised crime: human trafficking and Corruption. Particularly, she is interested in the ways in which these two wrongdoings are interrelated. Shahrzad uses responsibilisation and network analysis approaches in her research. Her work also raises issues about the extent to which co-operation is possible or desirable with criminal justice agencies tainted by corruption, whether outside the EU or within it. Shahrzad’s research centres on evidential problems relating to human trafficking and the relationship between human trafficking and corruption, with a particular focus on Albania.