Address: Spain
Tel: 679 65 40 88
Specialist areas of work and services:
  • Advocacy
  • Crisis Services
  • Psychological Support
  • Shelter & accommodation
  • Training
  • Campaigns & Awareness

Specialist non profit organsition assisting female victims of human trafficking.

Experience, Background and Services:
Adorers is a religious entity social nonprofit that pays attention to women in situations of exclusion. In Catalonia , since 2002 the program develops SICAR cat, which provides comprehensive care to women victims of trafficking in human beings (TSH) for recovery and restitution of their rights. In addition, it performs actions of awareness and reporting in order to contribute to social change.

In this situation born SICAR cat with the overall objective of restoring in Catalonia the human rights of women victims of trafficking in human beings for the purpose of exploitation .

The specific objectives are:

Meet basic needs and health in safety of women victims of trafficking for exploitation, offering accommodation in conditions of security and confidentiality.
Promote the autonomy of women victims of trafficking for exploitation through the provision of social, health, psychological, legal and socio-professional care.
Contribute to social change through the visibility of the phenomenon of human trafficking, especially women and girls, and denouncing the situation of victims.