Government Response to the ‘Transparency in supply chains consultation’ – September 2020

The Government has published its response to the ‘Transparency in supply chains consultation’, covering changes to mandatory reporting for commercial organisations and extension of mandatory reporting requirements to the public sector. The Government commits to legislate on

  • Mandate specific topics for reporting
  • Introduce mandatory reporting for public bodies with a budget of £36 million or more
  • Specify that public bodies will be allowed to report inn groups and clarify how
  • Require organisations to report to a single reporting deadline
  • Clarify the requirements on Board approval for commercial organisations
  • Require statements published by public bodies to be signed off by the accounting officer, chief executive or equivalent role; and approved by the senior management body

The Government has indicated it will consider enforcement options and legislative change to introduce civil penalties for non-compliance with s.54 reporting, and the potential creation of an enforcement body.

The Government has committed that the Home Office will publish further guidance both for commercial organisation and public bodies ahead of any legislative changes. The Government also continues to develop a new Government-run reporting service which organisations will be encouraged to use before any legislative mandate.

Access the full Government response here.

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