‘Re-trafficking: The current state of play’ – a new report by the IASC and University of Nottingham Rights Lab

‘Re-trafficking: The current state of play’ is a new report published by the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton, and the University of Nottingham Rights Lab.

The report examines the evidence, data and literature on re-trafficking, and was commissioned in response to lack of emphasis on preventing re-trafficking shown by policymakers and government. The Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner states that the knowledge base on re-trafficking is largely anecdotal and as there is no agreed definition of re-trafficking there are further difficulties in attempts to collect and assess re-trafficking data.

The report declares that does not propose recommendations but highlights three areas to be explored further in order to better understand re-trafficking. Those three areas are:

  1. Establishing a definition of re-trafficking
  2. Addressing the lack of data on prevalence of re-trafficking
  3. Developing dedicated reintegration pathways for survivors remaining in the UK or returning to another country


For the full report, please see here.

You can also find the press release for the report here.

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