UNODC ANNUAL REPORT: Covering activities during 2017

The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) plays a critical role in global crime intervention. Their remit covers cooperation between member states, helping governments to achieve sustainable peace, security and development as outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The 2017 annual report marks their 20th anniversary and outlines their significant activities during the year. Notable work is outlined within these five sectors:

  • DRUGS, HEALTH AND TRAFFICKING: Supporting Member States in implementing a comprehensive, integrated and balanced approach to addressing and countering the world drug problem

  • TRANSNATIONAL ORGANISED CRIME: Strengthening States’ capacity to confront threats from transnational organised crime and trafficking

  • JUSTICE: Boosting respect for the rule of law and human rights by strengthening crime prevention and building effective criminal justice systems

  • CORRUPTION: Promoting good governance, integrity and transparency in the public and private sectors for sustainable development

  • TERRORISM: Supporting Member States to enhance their criminal justice responses to terrorism

For the full UNODC ANNUAL REPORT: Covering activities during 2017, read here. 

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