Felicity Gerry QC

Felicity Gerry QC is admitted in England and Australia and has had ad hoc admission in Hong Kong and Gibraltar. She specializes in serious and complex criminal law, often with an international element and increasingly with a corporate overlap, particularly in the context of fraud, money laundering, forced labour, slavery and servitude. She led the defence team in R v Jogee, the ground breaking murder appeal in the UK Supreme Court which held that the form of accessorial liability known as ‘joint enterprise’ was an erroneous tangent of law. She also assisted in the reprieve from execution for Filipino national Mary Jane Veloso facing the death penalty in Indonesia in the context of human trafficking in the drug trade and appeared in the ABC Foreign Correspondent documentary Saving Mary Jane. She is on the Management Committee of The Advocate’s Gateway currently leading the working party on a toolkit for trauma informed courts.

Felicity has provided training to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association as part of the The Modern Slavery Project which is a two year multilateral project providing practical advice and support to Commonwealth legislatures in the pursuit of combatting modern slavery. Her submissions and Evidence on behalf of Civil Liberties Australia were accepted by Parliamentary Inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia. She also led a four year project on women in prison for Halsbury’s Law Exchange (part of the Lexis Nexis group) and recently spoke on a Global Criminal law Act at the IBA conference litigation panel in 2017.
Felicity is Professor of Legal Practice in the School of Business and Law at Deakin University where she lectures in Criminal law and Evidence and is involved in the clinical programs. She is also an Adjunct Fellow at the University of Western Sydney where she teaches Independent Study on Terrorism, Cybercrime and Sexual Offending and has provided training in the Bangladesh Judiciary Management Project on Terrorism and Money Laundering. She is a PhD candidate at Charles Darwin University researching the use of technology to combat human trafficking.

Felicity’s publications focus on the fields of women & law, technology & law and reforming justice systems. This includes co-authoring or contributing to The Sexual Offences Handbook (3rd Ed forthcoming), Modern Slavery Law and Practice (2018), Human Trafficking Emerging Legal Issues and Applications (2017) and theFourth volume in the European Integration and Democracy Series, devoted to Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Relations as a Challenge for Democracy (2017). She has a forthcoming book chapter on the future for Women in International law.

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