Trafficking Typologies: Reports by Polaris Project and NCA

Victims of modern slavery are preyed upon due to a backdrop on complex issues. There is no definitive list of trafficking typologies, as exploitation comes in all forms and amongst an array of vulnerabilities. The common factor points to the fact that traffickers will exploit the vulnerable wherever possible, across multiple sectors industries or crime rings. Within the UK, the National Crime Agency (NCA) recognises domestic servitude, labour exploitation, sexual exploitation and unknown exploitation type as categories of exploitation, however each national and international jurisdiction has its own set of trafficking typologies. The Polaris Project reported 25 trafficking typologies within the USA, with defined business models, trafficker profiles, recruitment strategies, victim profiles and methods of control that facilitate trafficking. Due to the non exhaustive and ever growing forms of trafficking and exploitation, typologies and must remain flexible.

For the 2017 Polaris Project typologies, read here. 

For the 2016 NCA National Referral Mechanism statistics, read here. 

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